How to paint a bike

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I’m not quite sure if my little on has the short or long end of the stick. On the one hand I make a lot more things for her than I did for the bigger ones. On the other hand, making her things is the result of reusing items that have been passed on to her by her older siblings…

I wonder how long she’s going to let me get away with giving her repurposed old things, instead of buying new?

For instance, all of the bikes that she has used, since her first tricycle, have been passed on from her older brother and sister. So the bike she is using now functions fine, only doesn’t look nice and shiny. Therefore, I am playing with the idea of painting it, and adding a nice basket.

I found this easy tutorial for painting bicycles at “A Beautiful Mess” by Elsie & Emma, that even explains a bit about bike baskets:

I’m definitely putting this tutorial in my Bucketlist.


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