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My little one is going to start school in september (I’m kind of emotional about it…).

On the practical side though, I am looking for a DIY idea (iDIYa?) for making her a desk.

The problem is that the custom sized desks are too high for little ones (especially my little one how is on the 5th percentile), and when they sit on a “grown up” chair their feet kind of dangle, and they squirm (OK, this maybe happens only to my kids, and has to do with ADHD?).

Any way, I did notice that when they sit on a “kid size” chair, and their feet reach the floor, they don’t wiggle as much, and can sit longer.

So I’m looking for an easy and non expensive idea for a low desk (about 50 cm=19.7 inch), that I know will only last a few years before she grows (hopefully) tall enough for a regular desk. Another thing though, is that I need drawers for this desk for all of her office supplies.

I found this beautiful idea for turning a dresses into a desk by the creative Alicia from “Thrifty and Chic“, and its definitely inspirational: http://www.thriftyandchic.com/2011/04/dresser-to-deskreally.html.

If you have seen (or created) a DIY tutorials for desks, I’d be very happy to hear from you, and see your iDIYas.



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