Cell Phone Charging Holder

Cell Phone Charging Holder Large Image


The mess we have on our “phone shelf” is a bit  embarrassing, to say the least.

We have 4 cell phones (yes, My oldests have saved up for their own phones), a land line, little notes, pens and pencils and all the rest of the junk we keep next to the phones, add the cords and you have a sad area.

Imagine my excitement when i saw this great idea from “Make It & Love It“: a holder for charging Cell Phones, reusing an old bottle.

I’m not sure it would help with the vast amount of phones we have, but the idea and the look are so great!

Here is the tutorial http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/12/holder-for-charging-cell-phone-made-from-lotion-bottle.html

What solution do you have for your docking area? I’d love to see your ideas, and maybe you could help solve the mess  i have in this area.




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