Fleece scarf with rosettes

Fleece scarf with rosettes Large Image


I love the colors and the beautiful design of this fleece scarf with a rose. After reading this tutorial i guess I’m going to have to ask my little one to help design her own scarf, because with so many wonderful possibilities, it doesn’t seem fair for me to decide how her scarf will look like.

In addition, the idea to make fleece scarfs as a birthday activity is so great that I’m considering doing it next week on her 6th birthday (I’m so amazed that she is going to be 6! For me she’s still my baby).

You can find this great tutorial at “A little Loveliness” by the creative and talented Melissa, right here: http://alittleloveliness.blogspot.co.il/2012/01/fleece-scarf-tutorial.html.

Gotta love DIY,



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