Knit Mini Bows

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Did I mention that one of my favorites is making bows for my youngest?

Here is a new twist to the regular bows we know: Knitting it.

I found this easy to follow turorial on how to Do it yourself knit Bow on Cameron’s website “Home Made“.

Do you also have creative ideas on how to make bows?

Have fun Doing it yourself,


One thought on “Knit Mini Bows

  1. I finally got my anewsr on Knitting The problem was a semantic one for me. I did not understand the term they were using:”Add a stitch and knit”. I knew how to add stitches but I thought they were asking me to add a stitch and then somehow use the second needle to knit it too. But they ONLY meant for me to add the stitches which I have done. So I am fine to go now.

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