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As a DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiast, I am constantly impressed by the creativity of DIYers (Do It Yourselfers) out there. After digging for DIY Tutorials that I like, I sometimes wish I had a place where I could catalogue the references to the inspirational Tutorials that I found, for future use.

Therefore, I decided to create a collection of references to diverse DIY Tutorials which include Crafting, Sewing, No-Sewing, painting and more. This collection could not only help me, and all other DIY lovers easily find the most interesting visual DIY tutorials, but could actually promote and empower the well deserving DIY Miracle-Makers, who inspire us all by sharing their creations and tutorials.

Because DIY Tutorials are so inspirational, I considered naming my collection “inspireDIY” (inspired + DIY). I also loved the creative ideas published on DIY blogs, so the name “iDIYa” (idea+DIY) came to mind.

But truthfully, because of my love for DIY is so vast, I’d actually love my collection to be as extensive as an encyclopedia, or a dictionary, so DIYcyclopedia (DIY+encyclopedia) and DIYctionary (DIY+dictionary) were considered, but hey, I’m not there yet….

Therefore the name DIYsigned (DIY+ designed) seemed suitable because Doing It Yourself and beautiful designs are naturally entwined.

Another nice aspect of choosing this name was that the tutorials that I’ve tried and liked, could very well be “Signed” as “Tried Out” by me. Of course i do not always have the time to make all of the remarkable DIY projects that i’d like to try, hence i have my DIY Bucketlist.

If you also liked tutorials referenced in this collection, I’d love to hear form you, and if you’re a super talented person that actually creates DIY tutorials that you would like to share, by adding to this collection, I’d be honored to hear from you, and post a reference to your inspirational website.


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