Ribbon Hair Bow

Ribbon Hair Bow Large Image


I am not sure why Bows are so attractive? Maybe it’s the innocence they represent, and the darling faces that appear right next to them, when the bow is  placed on that cute head.

In addition, for some weird reason I always seem to be needing more and more hair accessories for my little girl. It’s as though she hasn’t yet realized that THE BOWS ARE REUSABLE (!), and we actually prefer that they come home from daycare\park with her…

The problem is that by the time she’ll be old enough to be responsible for her accessories, she will not want to wear bows on her head any more :( . They grow so fast these little ones…

So i suggest enjoying making the bows, and knowing that there is a big chance that they will be used only once before they disappear.

Ribbon Hairbow Tutorial

You can find Mariesa’s DIY tutorial at her “Ten Cow Chick” website:



Have fun with DIY bows,


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